Ghost of Tsushima 2: may have approved game production


The rumors about the production of a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima are not new and, since last year, we have come across news that points to the possibility that Sucker Punch has already started the development of the game. As we saw in October, for example, the announcement for a vacancy in the developer that was looking for professionals with an interest in writing stories set in Feudal Japan started to raise this hypothesis.

Now, Sucker Punch’s Creative Director of Film Video, Dave Malloy, may have given another tip about the game on a professional LinkedIn page. In the “About” section, in his profile, Dave describes his professional background and highlights, at the end of the text, that “he currently works on the Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PlayStation”.

Prior to Sucker Punch Productions, Dave had a handful of creative awards and Emmy® nominations under his professional belt working for Digital Kitchen. He is currently the Creative Director of Cinematographic Video for Sucker Punch for in-game cinematography, motion capture, editorial, cinematography, music, art direction, tone, 2D motion graphics and game capture. He is also responsible for the trailers, teasers and commercials for Sony / Sucker Punch Productions. Dave has a passion and super strength in visual artistic, editorial and cinematographic narrative. He also excels at experimenting with art, creative thinking and team collaboration. Currently working on the Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PlayStation.

Although, now, the final sentence highlights that he works on the game for “Sony PlayStation”, yesterday the message said that the production was for PlayStation 5, but Dave changed that part of the text. With this, it is possible to believe that, in fact, the sequence of the game is on the way and that it may arrive exclusively for the new generation of consoles of the Japanese company.

So far, however, there is no more information about the game’s development and, therefore, there is no prediction of when it will finally hit stores, if we consider that, in fact, the developer already has the project in progress.