Ghost hunters and amplifiers; Verily secretly coming to one universe


The “Ghostbusters” comic suggests that Dean and Sam Winchester from “Supernatural” they exist in the same universe. Although Winchesters often find themselves in a mix of evil and benevolent situations, their investigations of urban legends and other unexplained phenomena often draw parallels with famous paranormal phenomena. investigators/exterminators. However, when a healthy philanthropist’s request to investigate the possible appearance of ghosts shortly before Halloween was rejected, he was tempted to call two brothers who have a reputation for investigating such riots, proving that the people in gray are not the only ones to call. .

In IDW Publishing’s Ghostbusters comic strip, wealthy producer Artie Lester goes crazy over decorations for an upcoming Halloween party, stating that the party isn’t thought out or scary enough to be the social event of the season. He gets an unexpected improvement when a monstrous horned spirit comes out of one of the speakers, moans his name and passes through his event coordinator after a temporary chase after him. While his employees are scared, Artie sees an unexpected event that will bring both high ratings and money.

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In “Ghostbusters: What Just Happened on Samhain #1” by writer Peter David and artist Dan Schoening, the Ghostbusters’ conversation with their iconic secretary Janine Melnitz about her salary is interrupted by Artie’s lights and cameras. Although he offers his card, the Ghostbusters already know about his reputation and don’t want to do anything with him. Most of the team believes that his statements are nothing more than a glorified publicity stunt aimed at using the famous neutralizers of paranormal phenomena for their own purposes. After Artie’s substantial offer refuses to influence their decision, he leaves the firehouse and starts thinking out loud, saying, “We just need to go somewhere else. I heard that there are two brothers who are well versed in this. Name is Remington.. .something like that-.”

Peter David’s trademark humor, which manifests itself in his work with DC and Marvel, is fully manifested here, and his character’s mistake in the name proves that he is talking about Sam and Dean. The duo began their iconic long-standing adventures traveling across America, hunting all kinds of supernatural creatures with the help of their mind, accumulated research and arsenal in the trunk of their branded Impala. Artie’s link strongly suggests that the Winchesters exist in the same universe as these Ghostbusters, which is possible within their vast comic book multiverse. Sam and Dean’s daily activities certainly have a lot in common with Ghostbusters, enough to make them the subject of a hilarious parody of the Supernatural / Ghostbusters are on the Hillywood show in 2018, so it’s funny to imagine a scenario in which they are business competitors or may even collaborate. generally the case.

Although the crossover between “Ghostbusters” and “Supernatural” is prevented by Janine accepting Artie’s offer to catch the creature stalking his mansion, it’s a fun idea considering that while Ghostbusters are doing business in New York, the Winchesters are doing similar work elsewhere. This remains Peter David’s only contribution to Ghostbusters, and Dan Schoening would later have more success collaborating with writer Eric Burnham. But their work has shown that in the same world, Dean Winchester from Supernatural and Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters can potentially exchange jokes in an epic crossover.


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