GFriend unleashes Song of the Sirens theories with new teasers


Buddy believes that an internal conflict and a fight with themselves will break out in Song of the Sirens. GFriend unleashes theories surrounding her universe with new teasers for “Song of the Sirens”, her new comeback.

The girls are ready for their new release, almost 2 weeks before their return, but the group raises the expectations of their new music due to the theories surrounding their new concept, we tell you what you should know.

Through the Source Music Twitter account, the agency revealed the new series ofconceptualteaserscalled “Tilted”,whose photographs contain various elements that aroused Buddy’s curiosity. .

The fandom has studied even the smallest detail of the new advances, finding clues about the story that their next MV will tell, which seems that it could connect the universe of their previous videos such as Rough, Time for the moon night and Crossroads, because there are objects that have already been used and that have different meanings.

According to the theories that have emerged on social networks, it seems that GFriend will have to face an internal struggle, not only with themselves, but against their colleagues. In their universe, the story has developed that each member has a special power, although it seems that some do not agree with that ability.

In the “Titled” teasers, a scale appears that compares the weight, metaphorically, of various objects. An apple appears, a symbol of discord, one of the girls looks for the balance between a newspaper and jewelry, they also placed a bear next to a lot of money. It seeks to represent the contradiction between one element and another, but what will they choose?

Other objects are a butterfly and a crystal ball, one of the internal conflicts that Eunha will have , since she will have to choose her true power. Buddy believes that they will have to make important decisions, even the wardrobe that the girls wear could be more clues, since they wear different shoes, but there is a pattern in the length of the boots they wear. More power than one?

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The teasers show a before and an after, the conflict to find the balance between 2 things and the decision they could have made, showing an empty balance, but with one of its sides more inclined than the other.

GFriend also made some literary recommendations, in her advances, books such as “The Lord of the Flies” and “Sense and Sensibility” are appreciated. Are you ready for Song of the Sirens ”? Their new mini album will be released on July 13.

If the theories surprised you, a few months ago the idea arose that the world of BTS and GFriend could be connected due to the elements they share in their MVs, which could have a connection, or are just coincidences, the truth is that the Symbolism from both groups plunges you into a fantasy world.


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