“GFRIEND is free”: The Application For Registration of The Trademark Source Music 17 For The Group Was Rejected


On January 3, the BUDDYs, who disbanded the fandom of the female group GFRIEND, rejoiced after news of the rights to the group’s trademark appeared.

Keep reading to find out all the details.

Trends of “GFRIEND_IS_FREE” after the rejection of the application for the trademark Source Music for the group

On that day, fans took to Twitter to upload photos showing that the Korean Intellectual Property Protection Agency (KOIPA) had officially rejected the application for registration of the Source Music trademark for GFRIEND in all 17 codes.

This means that Source Music will no longer be able to receive revenue from the GFRIEND brand, including their songs.

At the same time, the female group that is currently pursuing their career will also have a chance to perform as a GFRIEND again without any problems or problems.

As a result, the hashtag #GFRIEND_IS_FREE became popular on Twitter, and BUDDY celebrated the fact that it was time to wait to see the entire female group on stage again.

The fan was especially glad that code 41 was rejected, which gave the right to perform and promote as a GFRIEND.


Although fans believe that the reunion may take some time, this news has given them enough strength to look forward to future announcements of former members.

Meanwhile, Source Music, a subsidiary of HYBE, applied for trademark registration with KOIPA on March 11, 2021.

More than a year later, on July 14, 2022, the agency’s application for the name “GFRIEND” was initially rejected for two reasons; (1) GFRIEND is similar to an English musical name. In addition, since there are no GFRIEND members left in Source Music, the consent of the members is required for them to use the trademark, and (2) there is a risk of misunderstanding and confusion regarding the quality of the product or consumer deception regarding GFRIEND. English name.

In January 2023, GFRIEND is free to claim all trademark rights.

Where is GFRIEND now? Activities of participants in 2023

Meanwhile, GFRIEND, which debuted in 2015, is a six-person group consisting of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, ShinB and Umji. They became famous thanks to their songs “Me Gustas Tu”, “Rough” and “Mago” and became the top female group of the third generation.

Unfortunately, they disbanded in May 2021 after the contract expired.

Currently, Sowon is focused on her acting career under her real name Kim Sojong, and Ynha, Shinbi and Omji are now in the three-person group VIVIZ.

Yerinand Yuju continue their solo activities.

Despite pursuing different careers, the GFRIEND members are consistent in confirming to BUDDY that they are still a band, hinting at the possibility of a reunion in the future.

VIVIZ even demonstrated their loyalty to their leader Sowon, because, despite the re-debut as part of the trio, they decided not to choose a new leader because the vacancy has been occupied for a long time.

Following the news, K-pop fans are focused on what GFRIEND’s next move will be.


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