Getting to know the Watson Studio interface


Watson Studio is a complete data science platform created by IBM to assist in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) models. Several platform services can be used free of charge when accessing the tool through the IBM Cloud. Find out what the interface of this solution looks like.

First access

To access Watson Studio for the first time, you must register with the IBM Cloud at To do this, follow the steps:

Click on “Sign up” or log in;

Fill in the email and password information;

Enter the verification code sent to your email;

Fill in your first name, your last name and your region;

Click on “Create account”;

Read the privacy information on your IBMid account and, if you agree, click “Proceed”.

After these steps, you will be automatically directed to the IBM Cloud platform. In the next accesses, just enter the e-mail and password chosen to login.

Service creation

Before starting to work in Watson Studio, it is necessary to install some services on the IBM Cloud, following the step by step:

Click on “Catalog”;

Click on “Object Store”, a cloud storage tool that is important for the functioning of Watson Studio;

Choose the desired plan – The platform automatically selects the Lite plan, which is free and offers up to 25 GB of storage per month, but you can choose the standard plan, which charges according to usage;

Choose the name of the service and which workgroup will have access;

Click “Create”.

Your service will be created and you will be taken to the main Cloud Object Storage page. Now, you need to install Watson Studio:

Click on “Catalog” again;

Select Watson Studio;

Choose a pricing plan – The Lite plan, which is free, will be selected in advance, but it is possible to choose one of the paid options;

Choose the name of the service and which workgroup will have access;

Click on “Create”;

Click on “Get Started” to be directed to the platform.


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