Getting closer to the tragic story of The Big Bang Theory


While Young Sheldon may get away with contradicting certain stories from The Big Bang Theory, there are others that are too important to Sheldon’s development to be ignored.

One of those moments that Young Sheldon should not miss from Sheldon’s childhood is that his father cheated on him shortly before his death. As he told Penny on The Big Bang Theory, he found George having sex with another woman.

At this point in Young Sheldon, it’s already in the summer before officially starting college, and since it didn’t take four years during that time, this tragic experience should happen soon.

There has been no clear indication from Young Sheldon but when Mary and Mr. George spend the next few days in San Antonio for the training conference, Sheldon’s father deliberately did not invite her mother on the trip.

This upset Sheldon’s mother and resulted in a conflict between the couple. In the end, Mary came with her husband, although they continued to argue on their way to San Antonio in Young Sheldon.

At Young Sheldon, Mary told her husband that she appreciates how hard he works for the family, even sacrificing his personal dreams and desires for them, which has been the case. This is why it’s hard to imagine him cheating on Mary like Sheldon said.

Young Sheldon has already broken the continuity of The Big Bang Theory too many times that they cannot afford to go against this sad story of Sheldon nor about his experience of walking on the death of his father.

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There are ways to spin around the incident so George doesn’t look too bad in Young Sheldon, but it’s hard to argue with what Sheldon claimed to have seen as she has an eidetic memory.


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