GetNinjas: how contracting services work on the platform


GetNinjas is a platform aimed at those looking to hire a service provider, or make themselves available for a certain task in the freelancer system. The application is an excellent alternative to unite professionals who perform from routine services, such as plumbing repair and installation of appliances, to other more specific ones, such as online classes and article translations.

Both the payment and the receipt of the amount is made through the application aiming at the security of the contractor and contractor. TecMundo teaches you how to make yourself available for services and earn money, as well as how to look for professionals for a particular job. Check out:

How to use GetNinjas

To offer services on the platform

The first step in making your services available through the platform is to access the GetNinjas website and click on the button on the upper right side that says “Be a professional”.

Then, you will be redirected to a screen where you will need to fill out a registration form with your email and phone. Then, you will receive an SMS with a link to download the app on your phone (or you can choose to go to your device’s app store and download it).

Once there, confirm your phone and on the next screen choose the option “Register my services”.

The next screen will ask for a registration email, then you will have to choose which type of service you can perform. Are they:

Renovations and Repairs;
Domestic services;
Technical assistance;
Fashion and beauty;
Design and Technology;

Then you will need to choose a subcategory so that you can complete your registration on the platform with your personal data and address.

After registering, your profile will be ready to search for services that you consider able to perform. Recalling that payment is made in the application through the currency system, which, depending on the amount, can be exchanged for a certain amount in Reais.

How to search for professionals on GetNinjas

First go to the GetNinjas website and type in the text box the type of service you need, and click “Continue”.

Next, a screen will appear with service options based on what was searched for. Select the desired option.

Then there will be even more specific options for the requested service. In our example, we look for “online English lessons”. Thus, the tool asked more specific questions of the service, such as the number of classes, whether they will be online or in person, the beginning of the course and the degree of learning the applicant is in.

After signaling all the specifications, you will be redirected to a screen where you will need to enter your data, such as zip code, address, phone and e-mail.

After registering, an SMS code will be sent to your cell phone. After confirming it in the tool, your order will be placed and soon you will receive quotes from qualified professionals for the service.

You can check the score of each of the professionals and also the comments of other users who have used the services. The tool qualifies professionals for the grade they accumulate on the platform. In other words, the higher the score of the evaluation, the better ranked they will be in the search.

And TecMundo offers discount coupons on the GetNinjas platform. They range from discounts on specific services, to free quotes from Health Professionals, Home Services and Technical Assistance professionals.


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