Get your iPhone’s camera to focus with this trick


Any smartphone that you find on the market has at least one camera on its back. Few expected that in 12 years a mobile would do the image capture tasks that other devices did, but now it is almost mandatory. But this does not imply that the phones do not have errors when capturing an image and if this has happened to you with an Apple smartphone, we will tell you how to fix the focus of your iPhone.

How to regain focus on your iPhone

It is possible that on some occasion you have encountered the problem of the focus of the camera of your iPhone. It is annoying that you go to take a snapshot and it looks distorted or blurred, but luckily there are ways to recover this function of the app.

Some remedies are very simple, so much so that sometimes they are not repaired. Funny things like the case obstructing a part of the sensor, the lens being dirty, or changing the camera app are things you can try to determine where the problem is. So clean the lens, check the mobile coverage and change the application to notice any changes.

If you do not want to change the application you will have to go to the second phase. Here you will have to play with the phone doing focus tests with various objects or going into manual focus mode. To activate it, you just have to press in the focus area until a yellow box appears indicating that the focal point has been established.

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