Get to know the house, including a farm


The Colombian interpreter Greeicy Rendón, 27, has taken advantage of the last few months to fully enjoy her imposing house in the company of Mike Bahía, her partner.

Through various videos and photographs, the also actress has allowed us to enter the privacy of her home, where she has delighted us with several postcards in a bikini or very light clothing.

Her house is located in the city of Pereira, a mountainous region of Colombia that is famous for its coffee production, for which it has extensive green areas and even a farm with cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and other animals.


Her property’s kitchen features a brown pantry, stainless steel appliances, and a table that is occupied by her and her family for breakfast.


Its living room is made up of brown sofas, as well as wooden beams in the ceiling area.


In one of her first videos, she showed us the staircase that connects the ground floor with the upper one, which is lined with staves.

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