How to Get Rid of Microsoft’s Covered Ads in Windows 10?


The tips on Windows 10’s Start menu advertise Microsoft products, from good to good. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, we tell you what to do to get rid of Microsoft ads in Windows 10.

The Windows operating system offered by the US-based technology giant Microsoft to users has dominated the market for a long time. Today, the vast majority of consumers are using the Windows operating system, especially Windows 10. Consumers are not able to give up this operating system due to both the lack of alternatives and the popularity of Windows.

Microsoft has never followed a strategy that strangles the operating system with ads. Microsoft has changed this situation a bit with Windows 10, showing users various ads from time to time. In fact, Microsoft does not do this explicitly, but some “tips” we encounter in the “Start” menu advertise Microsoft.

Maybe you may have come across the advertisements of Microsoft’s hint feature especially recently. For example; If you are using Mozilla Firefox on your computer, open the Start menu and look at the top left. In this episode, you will see a clear advertisement for Chromium-based Edge, which Microsoft recently released. The section in question will look like this;

Faced with these tips, users are very bored with the advertisements imposed from below. But did you know that there is a way to get rid of this annoying situation? A few minor changes to the Settings section of Windows 10 allow you to get rid of ads under this tip or advice name. Let’s look at what you have to do right away.

What you need to do to get rid of Microsoft’s ads on Windows 10
First, click the button on the bottom left that opens the Start menu. Then enter the “Settings” menu on the bottom left.
You will see a sub menu that says “Personalization” on the screen. Enter this section.
You will see that there are some options on the left side of the page you are directed to. Click on “Start”.
You’ll see an option that says “Show suggestions occasionally in Getting Started.” This option will most likely be open. Turn this option off.
After following these steps, you will get rid of Microsoft ads in Windows 10’s Start menu.



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