Get Revenge, the new drama starring Yoon Hyun …


Get Revenge ”, the new drama starring Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Hyun Min. If you needed a new story for next fall, this K-Drama is for you. If you like all girl power and action plots, the story will be one of your favorites, and it also promises to be a great success, as this project will be in charge of the director of “Itaewon Class”, we will tell you the details.

Like K-pop, the drama industry never stops and new releases always intrigue fans, TV Chosun network revealed everything about their new production, “Get Revenge,” which is slated to premiere on next October.

The main cast will be made up of Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoo Sun, and Yoon So Yi, among others. Hyun Min is known for his participation in Holo, my love, Falling in love with innocence, among others. Kim Sa Rang has appeared in Secret Garden and A love to kill.

“Get Revenge” will focus on the life of a successful reporter Kang Hae Ra, who marries a public figure, will be the power and relevance in Korea’s highest circles; However, a scandal against him causes him to lose all his reputation and status, so he is after revenge.

For his part, Yoon Hyun will play the lawyer Cha Min Joon, someone very successful, never fails in a case, but a fact will fall on his family destroying him, so he will focus his abilities to take revenge.

The other characters will be an ambitious father, a girl who has always been successful, but will show her cruel side and a skilled girl who is in charge of her father’s detective agency. The synopsis has yet to be revealed, but it promises plenty of action and girl power.

Director Kang Min Gu, who worked on “Itaewon Class,” will be in charge of this drama. Recordings are expected to start soon. Will revenge be good or will it bring even more misfortune to the lives of the protagonists?


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