Get ready for the premiere of Break The Silence, the new BTS docuseries


BTS docuseries on Weverse to be released, find out all the details.

BTS has not stopped surprising their followers, after their world tour for 2020 was postponed, Big Hit Entertainment assured that BTS would keep in touch with their followers through new media, although the boys have connected to the networks Often social, this time they will come to your home in a different way, since the premiere of their docuseries Break The Silence is yet to come.

Prepare your account in Weverse and the most comfortable place in your house, since during the 7 episodes of this documentary series we will see something different from what other audiovisual productions of that idol group have shown.

It is a documentary series that will allow fans to meet BTS from a much more personal space , we will see some of the activities of the boys while they travel the world and conquer crowds, but they will also show images of some difficulties that the members have had to face.

So, as the name implies, Break The Silence will reveal a lot of what we haven’t seen before, so honesty will be a key factor throughout the different episodes coming soon.

6:00 AM – El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala

7:00 AM – Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia

8:00 AM – Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Dominican Republic

9:00 AM –Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay

2:00 PM -Spain

The premiere of this docuseries will be from May 12 , the day we can see the first two chapters. After that, every Tuesday and Thursday a new episode will be revealed.

Since April 28 and until now, fans have been able to purchase the presale to access these contents, although it was announced that even after the premiere you will be able to pay for access to this audiovisual material. To go to this presale click here and enter the Weverse Shop . The cost of this material is $ 17.99 and will have subtitles in English, Chinese and Korean.

Recently the BTS guys had a meeting to discuss some of the plans for their next album, this moment was shared with their fans through a live broadcast and they mentioned the possibility that there will be new sub units in their next record material.


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