Get DiRT 4, DiRT Rally, Overlord II for under 6 euros


Codemasters and Humble Bundle come together to offer several bundles at a reduced price, especially interesting for fans of driving.

Driving enthusiasts have several Codemasters packs available in the Humble Bundle. Both companies collaborate to provide gamers with a series of video games at a reduced price. With F1 2020 and DiRT 5 already on the market, users can now access some of the previous titles of these sagas, among which are video games such as DiRT 4, F1 2018 or DiRT Rally. All of them can be part of your Steam library on PC for less than 6 euros.

As usual, there are several tiers available, so if you pay more than 8.24 euros you can also add other more recent video games to your collection, see F1 2019 or DiRT Rally 2.0. Part of the profits will go to charitable causes.

Pay 1 euro and receive:
Toybox Turbos
Overlord ii
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Pay more than the average of 5.79 euros to have the following unlocked:
All previous
DiRT Rally
F1 2018
F1 2018 Headline Content Pack DLC
DiRT 4
DiRT 4 DLC 1: Hyundai R5 Rally Car
DiRT 4 DLC 2: Team Booster Pack
Pay 8.25 euros or more and receive:
All previous
F1 2019
DiRT Rally 2.0
35% discount on DiRT 5 and 50% on F1 2020

Codemasters has made headlines in recent weeks due to takeover bids they have received from major publishers. The council gave the go-ahead to the operation started by Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of Rockstar games and 2K Games. However, when everything seemed closed, Electronic Arts took a step forward and improved the offer, so everything indicates that the North American giant is the one that maintains a more advantageous position with respect to the purchase. If materialized, saga like Burnout or Need for Speed ​​will be reinforced with more additional intellectual properties.


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