Get A Month Of PS Plus For 1 Euro On PS4 And PS5, For A Limited Time Only


PS Plus: PlayStation announces a new temporary promotion for its premium online service, valid for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Once again, PlayStation has presented a new promotion for which we get a month of PS Plus for just 1 euro, instead of the usual 8.99 euros. This is how the company has shared it through its usual channels, reminding us, of course, that this promotion is only temporary. So much so, that if we are subscribers of the service and want to try it for a month for only 1 euro, we have time to sign up from today, September 3 and only until September 9.

One month of PS Plus for 1 euro instead of 8.99 euros

Thus, both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can take advantage of this temporary offer, although meeting two requirements, yes. The first of them is to take advantage of the offer before September 9; the second is that the user who wants to take advantage of the offer cannot currently be subscribed to PS Plus, since the promotion cannot be added to the plan already contracted. In addition, those who have been subscribed to PS Plus but are not currently, can also take advantage of the month for 1 euro.

PlayStation reminds us of the advantages of being subscribed to PS Plus, such as access to online multiplayer of paid games (free to play do not need PS Plus), 24 selected monthly games per year that can be enjoyed for the duration of the subscription, exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store, exclusive accessories and packs for video games and 100 GB of cloud storage to save games.

We already know about the PS Plus games this September, including Hitman 2 and Predator: Hunting Grounds. Additionally, PS Plus subscribers on PS5 have instant access to the so-called PlayStation Plus Collection, a selection of 20 key PS4 titles.


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