Get a Game Pass Ultimate Membership With a $10 Discount at Newegg


You can probably get a full year Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a $40 discount if you act wisely with this time-limited 3-month subscription deal.

Newegg sales in honor of Black Friday are in full swing, and all sellers on the site are fighting for the attention of buyers.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is one of the included offers, and the 3-month version is available with a $10 discount. There is a strict limit: three per client. However, if you have a different Newegg account (and possibly a different payment method), you can save a serious amount of money.

At the moment, Ultimate costs $180 a year directly from Microsoft. Putting three in the basket will get you a total of about $104.97 for nine months. After receiving another order, you will receive a $40 discount for the whole year.

To make the deal more enjoyable, if you are a beginner, you can still get the first month for just one dollar. Since the Xbox Series S is discounted by Microsoft for the holidays by $50, now is the right time to get started.

Game Pass Ultimate is, well, the final version of the service. You get access not only to the full library currently available in Game Pass, but also to the basic version of EA Play. There are also cloud games. If you have a decent enough internet connection, the vast majority of games will be with you on the road.

When people say that this is the best offer in video games at the moment, they are not lying. It really is.


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