Get a 50-Inch On Roku 4K TV For Just $148 at Walmart


Looking for a TV to watch your favorite movies and shows this winter? We may have a ticket, as a 50-inch 4K Onn Roku TV now costs $150 at Walmart.

Walmart’s Black Friday sales have just started for Plus customers. The advantage of seven hours is to make everything out of wood, as we can see on this 4K TV.

Compared to the original price, the Onn Roku 50-inch 4K TV now costs just $148, making it an ideal purchase for people on a tight budget. While it won’t be the most impressive panel on the planet, you’ll get a reliable 4K TV at a price lower than the vast majority on the market.

It comes with a built-in Roku operating system that gives you full access to a number of apps you’d expect (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime). Since this is Roku TV, you will also be able to watch a great Weird Al movie. This is a Christmas classic in the making.

The deals don’t end there: TCL’s 65-inch 4K TV is now just $250.

However, Walmart’s deals are not limited to Online. TCL, another budget TV brand, is selling its 65-inch 4K TV for a whopping $248. For an extra $100, you get an extra 15 inches and a similar TV. It also runs Roku.

For your games, you won’t get high refresh rates or deep HDR colors, but if you want to upgrade to 4K, you can do a lot worse.

Be sure to visit our dedicated TV deals center for this Black Friday and our full Black Friday center to find out what deals we’ve collected from all over the internet.

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