Germany and Britain broke records in solar energy production thanks to coronavirus


The sun, the most important source of energy in the world, continues to provide more efficiency with the fields created. Finally, Germany and Britain broke a record in solar energy production due to the effect of the air purified due to the coronavirus.

Solar energy, one of the most important energies the world will use in the future, has started to receive larger investments in recent years. Countries are turning to renewable energies such as solar, hydroelectric and wind, as an alternative to energy produced by fossil fuel. Solar energy broke a new record in England and Germany from these energies, which will save the future of the world if the right investments are made.

Millions of people, who were closed to their homes due to coronavirus, caused car use, a decrease in industrial activities, and greenhouse gas consumption. This situation has most benefited our planet. England and Germany increased solar energy production with the reduction of air pollution. While 32.227 GW of energy was produced in Germany, Britain succeeded in producing 9.68 GW during this period.

How did coronavirus contribute to solar energy production?
At this point, there are two important factors. The first of these; With the decrease of air pollution, the light coming to the solar panels became more. Thanks to this light, more efficient power could be produced. The second factor is the dirt formed on the panels as a result of air pollution. Thanks to these two factors, solar fields worked much more functionally.

Solar panels don’t like heat
There is a situation that many people know wrong about solar panels. In fact, these panels are more than hot weather; he likes cool but cloudless weather more. Even if there was no cloud in the sky, the air pollution prevented the solar panels from getting a certain degree of light. The fact that this problem experienced a great regression with the coronavirus enabled the panels to work more efficiently.

With this power produced, Germany met 40 percent of the country’s electricity needs and England 30 percent. The German government estimates that by 2038, the electricity generated from renewable energies will meet 80 percent of the country’s electricity needs.


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