Germans want to stadium show to study covid-19


A risky method for studying the way covid-19 is transmitted is being proposed by German scientists. Researchers at the University of Halle-Wittenberg decided to launch a spectacle in a stadium and invited 4,000 volunteers in order to evaluate three scenarios of physical distance, in addition to the effectiveness of security measures, in order to discover the “limits” of the new coronavirus.

Called RESTART-19, the idea is that the event simulates situations for which so many people expect them to return to normality, such as concerts and sports competitions. Once done, a follow-up will be dedicated to adventurers who want to risk catching a disease that has killed more than 600 thousand people in the world so far (21).

3 scenarios, nothing new

According to the team, the participants will be tested before and after the experiment, as well as receive hand hygiene products with a fluorescent substance that will mark the surfaces that are touched. Volunteers must also wear masks at all times.

In the third scenario, which will be the most controlled, only 2 thousand people will be present, and a tracking device will be provided to each individual, in order to assess compliance with the distance measures.

It should be noted that this is not necessarily unheard of, since the approach applied to prevent contamination is precisely that recommended by scientists since the beginning of the pandemic – including the guidance that masks can be removed when someone wants to eat or drink in places specific to that.

Even with all care, the number of cases tends to increase with the relaxation of restrictions. However, those who have the courage and want to put health at risk in the name of science now have an opportunity in Germany.

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