German Space Agency modular vehicle concept


How about having a vehicle that turns into a space shuttle or conventional, a cargo van or a mobile store when you want? For now, it seems something out of reality, but that’s what the proposal released by the German Space Agency presents, whose futuristic modular prototype promises these features and more. This is the U-shift, which would allow the exchange of structures similar to capsules fixed on its upper part, resembling a small-scale truck.

Designed to guide without the aid of any driver, the concept, in addition to being extremely low, according to the institution, can become a cheaper option than the traditional ones, specific to each use, as it would not require the construction of transmission systems which would make it ideal for a variety of applications. Their capabilities were also detailed.

For all moments

If used to transport cargo, the U-shift would have enough space for four pallets or eight rollers. Now, if the business were to carry passengers, seven people could be comfortably accommodated inside, which would include an extra folding seat.

In its current concept, the vehicle is still remotely controlled. The goal? Let him become fully autonomous and make deliveries or races for passengers 24 hours a day.

However, in order to achieve this, the agency has a lot of work ahead of it. For now, it is focused on strengthening the prototype’s transmission system, installing network hardware and making other improvements, which also include a new battery system.

Like many projects, it is not yet possible to know if he will really see the light of day, but that the idea is impressive, well, that cannot be denied.


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