German Response To The Russian Embassy Saying ‘We Are Fighting The Nazis In Ukraine’: “Killing Innocent People Is Not Fighting Nazism”

Demonstrators carry placards and flags during a protest against the Russian invasion to the Ukraine, outside the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv, on February 24, 2022. Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** פלישה אוקראינה מפגינים הפגנה תל אביב ישראלים שלטים רוסיה ישראל שגרירות

The Russia-Ukraine crisis, which continues all over the world, has now moved to social media. The response to the Russian Embassy in South Africa, which describes Ukraine as ‘Nazi’, came from Germany, which has a long history with Nazism.

As we all know, the crisis between Russia and Ukraine is on the agenda of the whole world with the military operation that started last week. The beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused reactions and caused almost the whole world to make moves against Russia.

We know that many giant companies around the world have stopped their operations in the country by imposing sanctions against Russia. In addition, similar decisions were made by the European Union countries, the United States of America and many other countries, and there was a reaction to Russia’s attack. Now, the ongoing crisis has moved to social media and brought the two different countries against each other on Twitter about the war.

Strong response from Germany to the Russian embassy accusing Ukraine of being ‘Nazi’

Although the war continues physically on Ukrainian soil, it is a known fact that we live in a world that is increasingly shifting to digital environments. When this is the case, nothing else is talked about on social media platforms, which are very popular. A post on Twitter yesterday caused reactions by bringing the Russian and German Embassies in South Africa against each other.

In a post shared from the official account of the South African Russian Embassy, ​​the followers were addressed. Saying that they received messages of support from South Africans, the Russian Embassy accused Ukraine of National Socialism (Nazism) and thanked them for these messages: “Dear followers, we have received many messages of support from South African citizens and organizations. Thank you for your support. Just like 80 years ago, we are happy that you are with us in Russia’s war against Nazism in Ukraine.”

After this post was shared, there was a harsh reaction from the German Embassy in South Africa. Reacting to the expression ‘Nazism’, the German Embassy shared that it could not remain silent on this issue and talked about its past regarding Nazism: “We are sorry, but we cannot remain silent on this issue. Killing innocent children, women and men for self-interest is definitely not fighting Nazism. Anyone who thinks so should be ashamed (Unfortunately we are a bit of an expert on Nazism).”

The bickering between these two countries showed that the ongoing crisis has been transferred to social media, and that the tension between the countries can continue in digital environments as well as in real life. In addition, the sharing of the Russian Embassy received a reaction from many South Africans and users in different countries. Many people also expressed that they thanked Germany for this reaction.