German Journalist Doubles Link to Jude Bellingham – 4 Rivals Excluded


The odds seem to be tipping in Liverpool’s favour in their pursuit of Jude Bellingham, with Jurgen Klopp said to be “pushing” for a deal.

Last summer it was Erling Haaland, and in 2023 he will become another Dortmund player at the center of football’s biggest transfer history.

Every top club in Europe will be interested in Bellingham, and at the moment Liverpool is positioned as the favorite.

Sky Germany reporter Florian Plettenberg, who has ties to a number of leading sources including Klopp’s agent Mark Kosike, said in a Twitter update that the Reds are “very optimistic” about the deal.

“Klopp insists on him and Liverpool want to invest in the summer,” he adds, with Bellingham being the “main target” and the package is expected to cost at least 100 million euros (87.3 million pounds).

The midfielder is also considered the “No. 1 transfer target” for Manchester United, although Plettenberg explains that their “chances are low due to competition from Manchester City and Liverpool, as well as due to financial fair play.

Along with doubts about the prospects of a deal with United, the journalist also ruled out Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The Sky Germany report says that Borussia “expects to leave next summer” and that “a new record transfer is just around the corner.”

This suggests Bellingham could go for a fee higher than the one Barcelona paid Dortmund for Ousmane Dembele in 2017, which was 96.8 million pounds, rising to a possible 135.5 million pounds.

Jaydon Sancho remains the second biggest sale in Bundesliga history: United spent 73 million pounds to sign the winger from Dortmund.

Due to the release clause in his contract, Dortmund received only £51 million for Holand, although agency and registration fees, as well as wages claimed at up to £865,000 per week, including bonuses, quickly excluded Liverpool. .

The fear is that with likely rivals Manchester City and Real Madrid, the Reds could be excluded from any race in favor of Bellingham, who does not have a release clause.

These concerns are heightened given the uncertainty surrounding the club’s owners, although, at least publicly, Fenway Sports Group insists that this is business as usual and transfer activities cannot be affected.

Bellingham is said to put sporting issues and the project as a whole above finance when it comes to choosing his next move, and this could be where Liverpool can gain an advantage.


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