Georgina Rodriguez takes off her top and is photographed this way!


Lately, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina Rodríguez has been very, very quoted and things are getting more and more. The brands fight for her but in addition to this, she also plans for the pink world the idea of ​​the expected wedding between the model and the footballer, in fact, a heart magazine said only a few days ago that the link had already taken place although it had been discreetly and secretly in a total distance from the presence of journalists and that would have occurred in Morocco on one of the couple’s trips. A few days later, the soccer player’s representatives denied the information and the Spanish press did not even give much attention to the matter and instead focused on giving even more publicity to Georgina who has once again hit one of her photos.

In the image the model appears in “topless” and is more than great, it has a very worked body and that shows a lot when it comes to wearing it, the image hung it itself in its official Instagram account and in just one hour I already had more than half a million likes and hundreds of comments that praised his figure and the great physical condition in which he is, far away are those assumptions of pregnancy a few weeks ago because it is clear that there is no belly anywhere, So at the moment there will be no extension of the family for what it seems.

This class of photographs is usually published as part of the promotion of the “Alo Yoga” brand that has been advertising for a few months, it usually shows off its sportswear, and in this case it shows off one of its tights because it really does not carry anything else, although in the head it takes a handkerchief that gives a touch of elegance to the inn. This woman’s thing is unstoppable.


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