Georgina Rodriguez, dangerously ripped gown


Bomb alert ! When Georgina Rodriguez makes an appearance, the sultry brunette never goes unnoticed. Indeed, no one can remain indifferent to its beauty.

Especially when footballer’s sweetheart Cristiano Ronaldo is displayed in a sublime pink, slit on the side. So as to show his left leg.

Yes, the bomba latina has just taken part in the 77th Venice Film Festival. Thus, the young woman walked the red carpet, in front of the admiring and curious gaze of the cameras.

What you can say is that the 26-year-old model was very glamorous at the screening of “The Human Voice”. And as usual, Georgina Rodriguez paraded with class and elegance.


It must be said that Georgina Rodriguez could not help but be radiant. Indeed, this one has just spent a dream vacation! As you will recall, mom and her darling were on a huge yacht during the summer. What to sunbathe and relax in the sun. So, she reveals an extraordinary tan.

In any case, the top model has not forgotten the barrier gestures. On her wonderful dress, she had a mask sewn. But the best in this detail? The mask is the same fabric and the same color as the dress. What to be elegant and responsible.

So, we have to believe that Georgina Rodriguez has a sense of fashion. And this, in all situations! So the mask matching her dress did not go unnoticed! Quite the contrary.

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