Looking flawless below zero is a complicated task, but everything is for the likes of Instagram. But they ask Georgina Rodríguez who has given her 15 million followers and followers of Instagram a photo shoot in the snow. With Siberian husky included!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s couple has shared a series of publications on their social networks where he appears enjoying a beautiful snow day with his children. The almost complete family, in the absence of the footballer, have gone to a ski resort and used to sled. And they should have had a great time!

In addition, Georgina has taken the opportunity to make a beautiful photo session in the mountains. She has even dubbed herself “the Frozen brunette.” We should start telling people that Frozen is just the title of the movie and that it should really be compared to the protagonist, Elsa. And it must be remembered that Isa P was charged to all the characters when he sang that “I killed Frozen”.

Georgina has also shared with her followers what her favorite word is. And it doesn’t surprise us! “My favorite word,‘ mom, ”has written alongside the beautiful family portrait she has shared.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has not been able to be in the small family getaway for work reasons, he has shared his partner’s post with the comment “my loves”.

To recover energy, Georgina has taken a good plate of pasta. And how do we know? Because he has also shared some images where he appears eating with a black outfit topped by his hand rings.

Without a doubt, the influencer has had a great snow day with his family. What will be the next destination? We will be attentive to your social networks.


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