Georgina Fleur unpacks: Does Kubilai take care of the baby?


How is Kubilai Ozdemir’s relationship with his child? Together with his former partner Georgina Fleur (32 years old), the entrepreneur became a father for the first time last year. But he and the former bachelor were not only in a stormy relationship — there were stormy skirmishes again and again. Georgina now lives alone with her child in Dubai. Now she has revealed whether Kubi cares about the offspring.

During the question and answer session on Instagram, a user asked about the qualities of Kubilai’s dad, but it seems that there are still few contacts between Georgina and her ex: “I don’t have any updates either. My last status was that he was going to get help, I wish him all the best on his way.” Kube does not get in touch with her and does not see his daughter.

Recently, Georgina lost a little weight online — which did not go unnoticed by her fans. “I had to do a few things, and somehow the worm ended up there. But I’m back again,” the 32-year-old said, explaining the quieter phase.


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