George R. R. Martin tells where the fourth child of Alicent is and why he has not yet been introduced to the “House of the Dragon”


Given the direct involvement of author George R. R. Martin, it was always assumed that House Of The Dragon would keep a pretty close eye on its source material. In eight episodes, this assumption was largely confirmed, although there were several notable changes and omissions. One of these omissions is related to the common children of King Viserys and Queen Alicent. At the moment we have met three in the series, but in “Flame and Blood” there is a fourth child. Well, George R.R. Martin finally addressed what was going on, and it turns out that just because we haven’t met him yet doesn’t mean we won’t meet.

The beloved author, who is also a co-author of The House of the Dragon, yesterday published a post on his website that touched on a variety of topics, including unexpectedly hot starts of the New York Giants and New York Jets, as well as other fantasy books that he loves. He also touched on a lot of thoughts related to the new adaptation of Game of Thrones. One of those thoughts was about how frustrating it is to have only 10 episodes in a season to tell the story you want to tell, and how he wanted to explore more things, including Alicent’s fourth child. Here is an excerpt…

First of all, yes, I also wish we had more time to explore the relationship between Rainira and Ser Harvin, as well as Damon and Laena. Both Harvin and Laena were amazing characters, from whom we got only a small idea. That’s why I would like us to have a whole season consisting only of younger versions of the characters. The fact that Laena’s death, in particular, which was changed from the books, was so touching with so little screen time, seems like what the situation could have been.

But anything. That is what it is. And what I understood from this comment about Daeron is that we will most likely see him in the future. Most readers of the book assumed that this would be the case, given the role he plays in the upcoming “Dragon Dance”. We even included him in our Targaryen family tree, but considering that a lot of characters and storylines were cut out of Game of Thrones, no one was sure about it. This is probably why there is no shortage of wild rumors that are going around about other characters.

In the books, Dayron travels to Oldtown as a child to serve as cupbearer and squire to Lord Ormund Hightower, Queen Alicent’s cousin. Similar things are common in Westeros, as we also see with one of Damon’s daughters, who moved to live with her grandmother, Princess Rainis. I won’t go into the details of what happens in the books, but it will be interesting to see if his personality is similar to the one we see in Flame and Blood, or if some changes have been made to it and/or his storyline.

There are two episodes left in the first season of House of the Dragon. HBO has already announced that it will return for a second season. Currently, it is planned that the show will consist of three or four seasons.


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