George R. R. Martin Talks About Elden Ring And Comments On Trailers


George R. R. Martin recently published on his blog – the author’s only official and direct communication channel – a text finally commenting a little bit on his work with From Software for Elden Ring. The author talks about how this partnership started and offers his opinion about the trailers that have already been released for the game.

Obviously, as expected, Martin has nothing but praise for the game. According to the author, the game is looking “amazing”, and he currently says he is “delighted” by what he has seen about the game.

In his post, George RR Martin says that it’s been a few years since the team of creators behind Dark Souls came into contact with him from Japan. He says he’s not a big fan of video games, despite having played some strategy games like Railroad Tycoon and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Hidetaka Myiazaki’s offer, however, was “too exciting to refuse”.

The author was asked to work on world building, some history to be used in the lore and campaign to serve as a “foundation” on which the game would lean. The author says that he did his part and that years passed before he saw anything of the game. He comments that video games these days are bigger than movies, and take as much time to make.

George R. R. Martin seems pleased with what he’s seen of the game so far, as do fans of From Software. Not being very used to video games, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll try to play Elden Ring, but if he tries one day we can only hope for him to record and post.