George Pickens Says He’s Getting Open: NFL World Reacts


Pittsburgh Steelers fans are waiting for George Pickens to be released.

Pickens was an outstanding player at training camp and in the preseason, as he had a lot of reps.

Fast forward to the regular season, and Pickens recorded only two receptions for 26 yards in two games.

On Tuesday, he told the media that he has no goals, and said that this is not because he is not disclosed.

“Yeah, I feel like everyone is (opening up) too, so it’s not just me,” Pickens said.

The Steelers’ offense was criticized during the first two weeks of the season.

They scored only two offensive touchdowns in two games, and no one was on the same wavelength.

Fans hope Pickens will start getting the ball from quarterback Mitch Trubicki as early as possible.

Pickens will have a chance to get more of the ball starting Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns.

The beginning will be at 20:15. ET.


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