George Miller from “Mad Max” came up with the prequel “Furiosa” for a surprisingly long time


In “Mad Max: Fury Road” by George Miller there are many phenomenal aspects, and, of course, among them can be noted the embodiment in the film of the construction of the world. These are not big dumps of exposure, and yet you understand how things work by seeing the characters in action. The reason it works so well can be explained by the writer/director’s passion for working it all out for himself — and he actually went so far in detailed planning that it led to the script for the upcoming Furiosa spin-off.

Recently, in a conversation with The A.V. Club about his latest film “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” George Miller was asked to take a step back from the story he had previously told in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and the director explained why this is actually not the case with “Mad Max: The Road of Rage”. Making Furiosa. He knew the story of the main character even before he started the insane production of the 2015 blockbuster, and in the spin-off/prequel, he just returns to this material. Miller said,

We never explained how she lost her arm. We never explain what the Green Place of many mothers really was. We have never explained the workings of the Citadel. So we had almost finished the script even before we shot Fury Road, and we did it because we wanted to explain to everyone who Furiosa was — Charlize [Theron] when she took over the role, and to all the actors and designers and everyone who worked on the Citadel, and so on.

Continuing, George Miller added that he immediately saw the potential in what he created with Furiosa, and from the very beginning thought that the character’s story would be a good solo film after Mad Max: Fury Road. According to Miller,

I had the feeling that this was a pretty good script, and then I kept telling myself, “If Fury Road works, I’d really like to tell this story.”

Mad Max: Fury Road definitely worked, and now George Miller is hard at work preparing Furiosa for its scheduled release date of May 24, 2024. Production of the film began back in June, and wild adventures are expected from it.

Since the action of Furiosa takes place years before the events described in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron will not return to the main role, but instead Anya Taylor-Joy from The Royal Gambit (who is ready for a fateful experience). with a part). It has been confirmed that Chris Hemsworth will play the main antagonist in the film, and there are rumors that his character will be named Warlord Dementus.

We have quite a bit of time to wait before Furiosa hits the big screens around the world, but for now you can check out our 2022 movie release calendar and our 2023 movie release calendar to find out about all the movies that are coming out from now until our date. the next trip to the Mad Max universe.


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