George Clooney says his wife Amal has completed his life


Actor George Clooney has revealed that he is very proud of his wife Amal Clooney.

George Clooney rarely gives interviews these days, but the Hollywood actor made an exception in GQ’s Icon of the Year issue, praising his wife, British-Lebanese human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney.

And can you blame him? As well as being a renowned international human rights lawyer, Amal has also represented high-profile clients such as Julian Assange, fought for thousands of Yazidi victims of persecution and served as a former UK envoy for press freedom before leaving her I took office in September, protesting Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the Brexit deal.

“Yeah my wife is literally, like, today she’s in the middle of some kind of resistance to the British government, you know, deciding that they’re going to violate international law. So she had to walk away as an envoy, and she’s there doing that, ”Clooney proudly told the publication in an article that came out this week. “And I’m here doing this interview.”

George Clooney wasn’t thinking of getting married again until he met Amal

After his divorce from actress Talia Balsam in 1993, Clooney was perfectly content as a single man for many years. But after meeting Amal in 2013, everything changed.

“I was like, ‘I’m never getting married. I will not have children. I’m going to work, I have great friends, my life is full, I’m doing well ”, he recalled about his mentality at the time.

“And I didn’t know how empty it was until I met Amal. And then everything changed. And I was like, ‘Oh, actually, this has been a big empty space,’ “he confessed.

The couple were married in a lavish ceremony in Venice in 2014. They had twins, a boy, Alexander, and a girl, Ella, in 2017.

The “Ocean’s Eleven” actor went on to say that marriage changed him “because I’ve never been in the position where someone else’s life was infinitely more important to me than my own. You know? And then add two more individuals, who are small and need to be fed. “


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