George Clooney and Julia Roberts Just Made Big Box Office Gains with a Ticket to Heaven


“Ticket to Paradise” is a new romantic comedy in which the actors Julia Roberts and George Clooney, beloved by fans, reunite. The two stars have worked together several times, and over the years they have developed a long-standing friendship. It turns out that this friendship was extremely lucrative, and the duo contributed a hell of a lot to the film industry, worth a whopping billion dollars.

Ticket to Paradise opened overseas this weekend, grossing $60.6 million to date (via Deadline). This box office number also made Roberts and Clooney together a billion-dollar industry. The box office receipts of all five films made by these two megastars now amount to $1.007 billion at the global box office. The most profitable film currently is “Ocean’s Eleven Friends” in 2001, which grossed $451.5 million, followed by “Ocean’s Twelve Friends” ($364.3 million), “Financial Monster” in 2016 ($93.9 million) and “Confessions of a Dangerous Man” in 2003 ($36.9 million). “Ticket to Paradise” hasn’t been released in the United States yet, so their box office receipts could skyrocket once that happens in the next few weeks.

This film is also a milestone for both Clooney and Roberts individually. This is Clooney’s biggest international film since his 2016 directorial feat “Monument People” and Robert’s biggest film since “Miracle” 2017. Both actors have gone on television over the past few years, which, faced with a pandemic, led to average box office receipts of two iconic movie stars. Nevertheless, the “Ticket to Paradise” is still a major achievement.

“Ticket to Paradise” should also lead to big box office receipts in America, as it not only supports major movie stars, but also attracts viewers. Clooney and Roberts play a divorced couple who goes to Bali for their daughter’s wedding. The two don’t want their daughter to repeat their mistakes, so they team up to try to prevent their daughter, played by Caitlin Denver, from getting married. Many are glad to see that these two are returning to the action movie, especially after Roberts moved away from the romantic comedy genre for a long time.

This film is a traditional romantic comedy that was once a box office win-win, as it usually guaranteed a full audience when many people went to see their favorite stars fall in love. Although this genre has not disappeared, it does not gather the same crowds as before. This has recently been proven by the poor performance of Bros over the past few weeks. Many of these films are now being broadcast live, but the international figures are certainly a good sign. “Ticket to Paradise” is intended for older women who are traditionally underrepresented at the box office, so this film could potentially attract a new audience. A “ticket to Paradise” may be just what movie theaters need to make the audience laugh again.

“Ticket to Paradise” is released in cinemas in the country on October 21 and will surely quickly become one of the main romcoms. If you want to revisit Clooney and Roberts’ other iconic team, Ocean’s Twelve Friends is currently streaming to Netflix subscribers, and Money Monster is streaming for free on the Roku channel. For more information about other films scheduled for release this year, check out our 2022 movie release schedule.


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