GeoGuessr: discover the game that uses Google Maps


GeoGuessr: How about spending time exploring different places in the world with your friends, without having to leave home? This is the proposal of GeoGuessr, a site that integrates Google Maps and Street View to create geographic challenges.

How GeoGuessr works

With the slogan “Let’s explore the world!”, It puts you somewhere on the planet and you need to find out where you are. Whoever gets closest to the exact points wins. It is also an interesting experience for those who want to spend time on the weekend.

GeoGuessr offers several possibilities for games. You can choose, for example, the free mode, which will put you anywhere on Earth and you need to find out where you are. This means that you can be placed on some secondary road in Turkey, in front of Christ the Redeemer or close to mysterious objects. From that point, you can move around the map, as in Street View, to try to find references that help you to identify the exact or nearby point, such as the country or region.

In addition to this free mode, you can choose thematic maps – of countries or cities – or in famous places, several of them created by the users themselves. They all work the same way. You show up at one point and you need to find out where you are. When the location allows you to move around, you can walk around until you find something that helps you locate yourself. And if you get lost or want to go back to the starting point, just select the icon with a flag in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Battle Royale Mode

All the modes available in GeoGuessr allow you to challenge your friends, however, since December 2020 the website’s developers have added a new mode for subscribers. Battle Royale works in the same way as the other modes, but it has some rules to make the challenge even more interesting.

Players compete against each other within a time limit to qualify for the next round and each has three chances to get it right. Whoever misses the location on the map three times, or lets the time limit expire, is out of the round, but if no one hits the country, even if the player misses all three chances, everyone remains in the game.

Another difference is that Battle Royale has some exclusive features. Not all countries are available in this mode and players receive an additional feature called 50/50. This function restricts the options to two countries. Players can choose to use this feature to choose from the two options and whoever misses is out of the game.

Remember that in this mode, players do not need to match the exact location on the map, only the country. But there is also a second mode in Battle Royale, based on the original GeoGuessr. In this case it is necessary to find the specific place where they start and whoever selects the most distant option loses

Is GeoGuessr paid?

The only requirement to be able to use GeoGuessr is to create an account on the website. With that you already have access to the main modes, such as free exploration and games created by other players. However, the game is limited to one game per day, and after completing the five rounds, it is necessary to wait 24 hours to play again.

For those who want to have access to more games per day, to enjoy more than 40,000 maps and participate in challenges with friends, it is necessary to subscribe to GeoGuessr Pro. With this you can also play Battle Royale Mode and create your own maps.

There are two subscription options currently. One is individual and costs US $ 2.99 (about R $ 17) in the monthly plan or US $ 23.88 (about R $ 135) for the annual subscription. Both can be paid by credit card, but the annual plan is also valid for PayPal users.


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