Geoff Keighley Anticipates Other Big Studio Purchases ‘In Final Negotiations’


Geoff Keighley: The person in charge of The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest assures that the purchases of Zynga, Activision and Bungie will not be the last this year 2022. The year 2022 has begun with three multimillion-dollar purchases by three of the largest publishers in the video game sector; and it seems that they will not be the last, according to the words of Geoff Keighley, responsible for The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest. As he has indicated in his personal account on the social network Twitter, there are more negotiations underway in their final stages.

“I have heard it from several people: as you may suspect, there are multiple other large agreements in the video game sector in the final stages of their negotiations”, Geoff Keighley commented during the afternoon of this Tuesday. And he says: “It’s going to be an interesting year!”

The names of those studios about to be bought by a major publisher have not been released, but Sony has already indicated that they will continue to buy companies in the future. Similarly, Microsoft doesn’t close the door on more acquisitions if the opportunity presents itself. The trend continues: big companies acquiring studios or companies to become even bigger, thus leaving a new status based on giant publishers and small publishers.

The three big purchases of video game companies in 2022… only this month of January!

On the one hand, Take-Two Interactive hit the table by making a purchase agreement with Zynga official for 12,270 million dollars; far more than Microsoft paid for ZeniMax Media/Bethesda Softworks, $7.5 billion.

And speaking of the Redmond firm, they were next. What is surely one of the most shocking news in the history of the video game is de facto the largest purchase in the history of Microsoft in its nearly fifty years: they will be made with Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars.

Finally, this week we learned that Sony, after five or six months of negotiations, will acquire Bungie (Destiny) for 3,600 million dollars, thus increasing the portfolio of PlayStation Studios equipment to 17. Of course, Bungie will continue to operate independently and cross-platform; including the new intellectual property that they have underway.