Genshin’s Strike: Itto’s Best Arataka Weapon


Itto’s arataki in Genshin Impact is the main DPS that relies on the DEF score to deal damage. Its release in Genshin Impact was accompanied by a new set of artifacts, a Shell of luxurious dreams. This equipment increases the wearer’s DEF if he deals damage or stays off the field, making it an excellent choice for both DPS and support.

The most famous users of this set are Arataki Itto, Albedo and Noel. Meanwhile, here are the main contenders for the best Arataka Itto weapon in Genshin Impact.

The Best Weapon for Arataka Itto in Genshin Impact

When it comes to the best Arataka Itto claymore in Genshin Impact, the Red-Horned Stonemason easily defeats all other weapons, since, unsurprisingly, it was created for him.

Interestingly, due to Itto’s dependence on DEF for dealing damage, there are several unique weapons that he can wield to demonstrate his true potential.

Red – horned Stonemason

Main Features: 542 base attacks. Secondary stats: 88.2% critical damage. Effect: Protection increases by 28%. Normal and charged attack damage increases by 40% of DEF.

A Red-horned Stonemason can add a lot to Itto’s abilities. Claymore is so simple that it adds DEF% Itto, and then offers him an insane amount of net damage depending on his DEF. Add that to the whopping 88% critical damage to Itto’s Arataka stats.

Snake Ridge

Primary characteristics: 510 base attack. Secondary characteristics: 27.6% chance of a critical hit. Effect: Every 4 seconds a character is on the field, he deals 10% more damage and receives 2% more damage. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character receives a DMG.

Snake Spine is a good choice for Itto, since the secondary characteristics of the Claymore combat pass is the probability of a critical hit, and its passive skill increases damage by % depending on the time the character spends on the battlefield.

White blindness

Primary Characteristics: 510 Basic Attack Secondary Characteristics: 51.7% PROTECTION R5 Effect: When hit, normal or charged attacks increase ATK and PROTECTION by 12% for 6 seconds. Maximum of 4 stacks (total 48%). It can occur only once every 0.5 s .

For Arataka Itto, Whiteblind is a great choice of Forgeable Weapons in Genshin Impact. Claymore has a decent base attack and increases both ATK and DEF Itto when hit (although Itto only wants to increase DEF). After all, Whiteblind adds almost 100% DEF to Itto, making it a reliable choice.

Blackcliffe Slasher

Primary Stats: 510 Basic Attack Secondary Stats: 55.1% Critical Damage Effect: After defeating an opponent, the Attack increases by 24% for 30 seconds. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

The Blackcliff Slasher is only good for Itto because of its secondary Crit DMG characteristics. Other than that, there’s nothing worth investigating. However, players should not sleep on this top-level Claymore, as most weapons with all their characteristics and passive abilities still give less positive effects than 55% of Blackcliffe’s critical damage.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.