Genshin’s Influence: How To Use A Dendrogram At Dusk


How to invoke and use Dendrograna in Genshin Impact What puzzles can be solved with Dendrograna

Grana are small elemental spirits that will follow the players in Genshin Impact. Each region has its own version of Grana, each with its own unique properties. For example, the Grana in Mondstadt, the land of Anemo, is called Anemograna. The one in Liue is called Geograna, and the one in Twilight is known as Dendrograna.

The anemogran from Mondstadt has the ability to create a wind flow when three of them are joined together. Meanwhile, the Geograne from Liue to Genshin Impact can be transferred to various designs to solve puzzles in the open world. As for Inazuma’s Grana, the Electric Grana serves as the key to using Thunder Spheres, passing through the Thunder Barrier, protecting players from Balletanders, and providing minor buffs when carried.

Now that Sumeru is released, Travelers will meet a new kind of Grana, the Dendrograna. Like other elements, this spirit will also play a big role in solving some Genshin Impact puzzles. To use Dendrograna in Genshin Impact, players need to remember some things.

How to call and use Dendrograna in Genshin Impact

To trigger the dendrograne in Genshin Impact, travelers must first find favorable branches of the dendrograne. Then just walk up to it until an invitation appears to summon the Dendrograne. After the challenge, the normal branch will summon three dendrograns and surround the active character.

To use Dendrograna in Genshin Impact, just use a charged attack or a targeted shot. Any character can activate the Dendrograne with their charged attack, but characters without a bow in Genshin Impact often find it difficult to aim correctly.

What puzzles can be solved with Dendrograna

In addition to performing attacks by an active character and applying Dendro DMG, Dendrograna in Genshin Impact is crucial for solving many types of puzzles, most of which are rewarded with a chest upon completion. Here are some examples.

Monuments to the Dendro Elementals

Elemental Monuments in Genshin Impact is a common puzzle game in which players must activate it using an element engraved on the monument. For Dendro Elemental Monuments at Dusk, players can use Dendrograna to activate it.


Withering in Genshin Impact Sumeru is an event when a certain area begins to wither and die under the influence of Marana. To destroy the wilt tumor, players must remove three withering branches using a Dendrograne. Then the enemies will appear, and the Travelers will have to defeat them. Having dealt with the enemy, go to the center of Withering to destroy the Tumor.

Removable Dendro Object

This puzzle is one of the most common in Genshin Impact Sumeru. There should be a Dendrograne nearby if this obstacle is nearby. To solve this problem, simply use a charged attack while carrying a Dendrograne. Behind it, players can find enemies, more puzzles, a bunch of stones, and so on.

Floating Dendro Object

Like the removable Dendro stone, the floating Dendro object can also be solved with a Dendrograne. Usually this puzzle appears as a single item, but is duplicated when players hit it with a Dendrogram. Be sure to keep an eye on where he is going to complete the puzzle.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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