Genshin’s Impact Theory Suggests that Katherine is a Robot

Genshin Impact’s latest video teaser has attracted a lot of attention in the community as it finally revealed all the remaining Harbingers of Fatui. The Harbingers are 11 powerful characters who work for the infamous Cryoarchon Queen.
The Harbingers of Fatui have unnatural abilities enhanced by Illusions, making them much more powerful than any random character in Genshin Impact. Although the release of the video was quite unexpected as players prepare to delve into a new major region, it raised some interesting questions.
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Reddit user Thatonecelestial shared an interesting picture showing the similarities between Catherine and one of the Eleven Harbingers of Fatoui, Sandron. The picture suggests that one of the most popular NPCs in the game, Katherine, may be related to one of the most powerful characters in all of Teiwat. Catherine is the administrator of the Adventurers Guild, and can be found at the headquarters in each of the main regions of the game. Talking to Katherine allows players to collect various rewards for daily tasks, as well as send their characters on expeditions.
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Sandrone, also known as the Puppet, is one of the Eleven Harbingers of Fatoui featured in a recent teaser. Tartaglia previously described her as a mysterious character who is always researching the Automaton family. She even managed to change one of them to follow her, as shown in the video. Katherine has always been a suspicious character in the community as she seems to be present at all the Adventurers Guild headquarters at the same time.
She also has some interesting voice cues that include the words “error” and “reboot”, which led many players to believe that she could be some kind of robot. Many of the responses in the comments section claim that Katherine could have been a spy that Sandrone set up to gather information from the seven main regions of Genshin Impact. According to one theory, her main job is to collect commission results and report everything relevant directly to Sandrone.
Several NPCs have also confirmed that the main headquarters of the Adventurers Guild is located in Snezhnaya, which is the home of the Harbingers of Fatui. All the Harbingers work under the command of the Queen, who works as a defender of the Snow and is suspected of being one of the villains of the final game. The video showed that the Harbingers are going to play a much more important role in the Genshin Impact storyline.
Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.