Genshin Impact: Where to get Traveler Constellation items


Anemo Traveler: Memory of Wandering Storms Geo Traveler: Memory of Motionless Crystals Electro Traveler: Memory of Purple Flash Dendro Traveler: Memory of Blooming Greenery Mondstadt Ballad of Freedom Resistance Liyu Gold Prosperity Diligence Inazuma Elegance Light Transience Twilight

Every Genshin Impact character, except the Traveler, needs Stella Fortuna to improve their talents. However, the Traveler is slightly different. Instead of using Stella Fortuna, the Traveler uses various items to improve his constellation, each of which corresponds to one of the elements with which he can be associated. For example, a Traveler in alliance with Anemo uses the Memory of wandering storms to reveal every step of his constellation.

These special items are not obtained in the same ways as Stella Fortunas, but instead must be found in other ways. There are six copies of each to fill the full six stars in the constellation of the Wanderer. Let’s see where to find each of these items.

Constellation items do not have to be obtained in the exact order specified in this guide.

Anemo Traveler: Memory of wandering Storms

The object that an Anemo—minded Traveler uses for his constellation is the Memory of Wandering Storms. That’s where to find them.

One copy of “Memories of wandering Storms” can be obtained by completing the quest “Tomorrow without tears” (the second act of the prologue). A second can then be earned for completing the third act of the prologue, “Song of the Dragon” and “Freedom”. The third, fourth and fifth copies can be obtained by reaching the 27th, 37th and 46th ranks of the adventure. When the player reaches these ranks, he will receive his rewards from Catherine in the Adventurers Guild. Finally, the sixth memory of wandering storms can be bought from Marjorie, the owner of a souvenir shop called “With the Wind comes Glory.” She will sell it for 225 anemo signs.

Geo Traveler: The memory of fixed crystals

For a Traveler with a geographical reference, the “Memory of Fixed Crystals” items are required to improve the constellation. They can be found using the same methods as Anemo items, with some differences.

The first Memory of Immovable Crystals is given to the player after the completion of the second act of Chapter I, Goodbye Archaic Lord. Then a second is awarded for the completion of Act III of Chapter I “The Approach of a new Star”. The other four are sold at Mingxing Jewelry Souvenir Shop in Liyue Harbor. Shinsi, the store manager, will sell them for 225 geosigils apiece, for a total of 900 sigils.

Electro Traveler: The Memory of Violet Flash

Travelers associated with the power of Electro will need a Purple Flash Memory for each level of their constellation. They can be found in the following ways:

One of them is a reward for performing Immobility, Sublimation of the Shadow, which is Act II of Chapter II. Another can be obtained for completing the third act of the same chapter, entitled “Omnipresence over Mortals.” Finally, the remaining four are rewards for raising the level of the Statues of the Seven in Inazuma to the following levels: Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9

Dendro Traveler: a memory of blooming greenery

Travelers who visit Sumer and join the Arboretum will need an item called “Memory of Blooming Greenery” to enhance their constellations. Currently, only three copies have been confirmed, and the rest have not yet been released or cannot be obtained in any way that has not yet been discovered. We will, of course, update this page with additional information when the other three are confirmed.

In the meantime, here are ways to get the first three:

One can be obtained by completing chapter III, Act II: “The morning that brings a thousand roses.”


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