Genshin Impact: Where to get the Nagadus Emerald


Which characters use the Nagadus Emerald in Genshin Impact Bosses from which the Nagadus Emerald falls in Genshin Impact Trounce Domains from which the Nagadus Emerald falls in Genshin Impact Other ways to get the Nagadus Emerald in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, there are gems for each element. These gems are used to ascend characters with the appropriate vision. For the Dendro characters, the necessary elemental stone is the Nagadusa Emerald.

Like all the precious stones of the elements, the Nagadus emerald has four qualities. In ascending order, these are Chips, Fragments, Chunks and, finally, Gems. These gems can be found in various ways, which we will describe here.

Which characters use the Nagadus Emerald in Genshin Impact

Currently, there are only two Dendro Vision holders in Genshin Impact. The element became available for the game only after the release of Twilight.

Here are the quality levels they will need at each ascension level:

Ascension Level Character Level Required Gem 1 20 3x Sliver 2 40 3x Fragment 3 50 6x Fragment 4 60 3x Piece 5 70 6x Piece 6 80 6x Gem

There are currently two characters who have Dendro Visions and therefore use Nagadus Emerald:

Kollei Tignari

Bosses from which the Nagadus Emerald falls in Genshin Impact

Most of the elementary gems can be obtained by defeating bosses, as this is the most effective way to earn them in decent quantities.

Unfortunately, currently only one boss can award the Nagadus Emerald:

Jade Feather

The higher the boss’s level, the better his gems can be, as shown here:

World Level Boss Level Gems 0+ 36+ Chips 2+ 41+ Fragments 4+ 62+ Pieces 6+ 83+ Gems

Troounce domains from which Nagadus Emerald falls in Genshin Impact

Currently, there is not a single boss of the Trunsa domain whose rewards include the Nagadus Emerald. Most likely, this will change soon.

When this happens, theoretically these should be the levels at which each quality level can be obtained.:

Gems Domain Levels Slivers I, II, III, IV Fragments I, II, III, IV Pieces II, III, IV Gems III, IV

Other Ways to Get the Nagadus Emerald in Genshin Impact

There are several additional ways to earn Nagadus Emerald besides boss battles, although they are not always as reliable.

Daily commissions

Every day, the player receives four daily commissions from the Adventurers Guild. After completing all four, they can go to any branch and get some bonuses from Catherine.

Among these rewards, there are usually shards of elementary gems. Unfortunately, which ones, it’s random, and these are just Chips, of the lowest quality. But in any case, players usually have to fulfill their daily commissions for Primogems, so elementary Chips are a free bonus.


By heading to the workbench and using it, players can upgrade lower quality gems to higher quality. This works in a 3:1 ratio as follows:

Ingredients Mora Product 3x Sliver + 300 = 1x Fragment 3x Fragment + 900 = 1x Piece 3x Piece + 2700 = 1x Gem


Along with creating lower-level gems into higher-quality ones, the workbench can also be used to transform gems from one element into another. To do this, the player will need Nitrogen dust, which can be purchased at Paimon’s Bargains store.

That’s how much Nitrogen Dust is needed to convert each gemstone level from one element to another:

Gem Level Requires Nitrogen Dust Sliver 1 Fragment 3 Piece 9 Gem 27

Nagadus emerald can be created from lapis lazuli Varunada, amethyst Vajrad, turquoise Vayuda, jade Shivada, topaz Prithiva or agate Agnidus.

Awards Events

The last way to find the gems of the elements is to participate in time—limited events. Most events have a reward shop or direct rewards for completing certain tasks within a certain time period.

Often, these event rewards may include a limited number of elemental gems.


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