Genshin Impact: where are all the Mondstadt orbs


We detail the location of all Genshin Impact anemoculi, now available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.

In Genshin Impact we will find a good number of secrets and collectible items on the Teyvat map. In this magical world many surprises await us, so we will have to spend a few good hours exploring it in detail. Specifically, the Anemoculi are floating turquoise orbs with the elemental sign of Anemo (Air) that we can find exclusively in the Mondstadt region. They are used to offer as an offering to the Statues of the Seven, so if we gather enough and deliver them we can obtain the particular rewards of each statue. This is its only utility (unless we know about it for now. We will tell you about it in our complete guide.

Where to find the Mondstadt Anemoculus Orbs

There are up to 65 anemoculi and below we show you where to find them thanks to a map with symbols that mark their exact location. In general, we recommend being attentive to the entire scene so that none of them escape us, since there are some that are more hidden than others. Here are some examples of specific locations where magic orbs are waiting:

  • High on the stone pillars
  • Floating in the air above buildings, mountains and more
  • On islands that we can find in the middle of various aquatic areas
  • Near statues like those of the Seven
  • Near several Temples such as the Lion
  • In seemingly unreachable places that we can reach if we fly to them by jumping from a nearby high surface or we use some special ability such as Wind (Venti) to rise in the air or Geo’s, based on building a large rock to the one that we can climb.
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