Genshin Impact: What you Need to Know Before Pulling for a Collei


After her trip to Mondstadt, Collie from Genshin Impact decided to follow Tsino and return at Dusk. She originally came from the Land of the Dendro, but was abducted by the Fatuas when she was younger. There, Collie tries to live a normal life, getting a job as a trainee forester.

Considering that Sumeru is released with a new Dendro elemental reaction in Genshin Impact, it’s most likely a blessing that she’s designed to work as a Dendro activator, allowing players to experiment with a new elemental reaction. However, given its similarity to Dendro Traveler, people may want to know the following things before pulling a Call in Genshin Impact.

Is it worth pulling for Collei in Genshin Impact?

If players like to play with Electro characters, but they don’t plan to get Tignari, then, yes, the Call in Genshin Impact is worth pulling for it. Dendro will significantly increase the potential of Electro units, so the presence of Collei together with Dendro Travelers should only be welcomed.

Collei — support or sub-DPS

The call is not suitable as the main DPS, instead people use it best as a support or, at most, sub-DPS. When equipped with auxiliary artifacts, Collei can be an excellent addition to the Dendro Genshin Impact command composition.

Colley’s constellations are insignificant

Normally, a 4-star Genshin Impact character would suffer without their Constellations. Fortunately, the College does not have this problem. She’s fully functional even in C0, so players don’t have to try to get her Constellations to use her.

However, for those who want to get the most out of the Collie Constellation in Genshin Impact, players can aim for its second or fourth constellation.

Collei is somewhat similar to Dendro Traveler

There are several key differences between Collei and Dendro MC, but their role in the team is almost the same. Here are the differences and similarities between them:


Both characters should not be used as the main DPS. Their Skill is a simple “tapping” ability. Their Burst gives Dendro DMG AoE.


Colley’s Skill has a smaller multiplier and a longer recovery time, but if her Skill hits an enemy twice, then it has a similar DPS with the main character. If the Traveler’s Dendro Skill is used to activate Acceleration, then the Collie easily deals higher damage per second, since her first hit with the Skill will cause Acceleration, and the second will cause Propagation. Collei’s Burst has a smaller AoE, but faster Dendro beats. Each of her attacks also has a large AoE. Meanwhile, Dendro Traveler has a larger AoE, but has a hitbox for a single target when dealing damage. The explosion of the elements of the Traveler’s Dendro depends on Pyro, Hydro or Electro in different ways, while the Collie does not react to any Elements. Colley’s constellations mostly increase her DPS and increase her Dendro app, while Dendro MC Constellations mostly strengthen the team.

Strengths and weaknesses of the College

Although it is enough to support the Dendro in Genshin Impact, Collies still have some strengths and weaknesses, for example:

Strengths of the College

Great Dendro app. Easy to use. Great auxiliary potential.

Weaknesses of the College

It cannot be used as the main traffic police.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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