Genshin Impact Whales Tell What They Do for a Living


Since its release in 2020, HoYoverse’s ARPG Genshin Impact has become one of the most expensive free games on the market for fans who prefer to spend money wherever possible. Some Genshin Impact players decided to tell what they do for a living in order to give others more information about how they became what is known as a whale.

Free-to-play whales are players who spend absurd amounts of money to gain an advantage over others or look brighter than them, and they exist in Genshin Impact, just like in other games like Diablo Immortal, FIFA or Counter-Strike. Blow: Global offensive. Genshin Impact whales are usually identified by the fact that most or all of their characters have a five-star rank, with most of them armed with advanced weapons to speed up the fight. Although some Genshin Impact players know how to identify such whales in the game, one of them decided to ask on Reddit what whales do for a living in order to get to know their personal lives better.

One of the common responses to Reddit user ZeroKami_ about whales is that many Genshin Impact whales do not have children, while most of them work regularly and some still live at home with their parents. Among the professions mentioned in ZeroKami_’s answer are IT, mechanical engineering, advertising, teaching, pharmaceuticals, software development, cooking and trucking. Several whales have noted that the lower cost of living in their area allows them to work at a fairly standard job, investing in Genshin Impact, which is becoming the most expensive game ever created.

Whales, guys, what do you do for a living? from Genshin_Impact

There are several Genshin Impact players who have suggested things like known inheritance, money laundering, and poor financial choices as other lifestyle types that lead to whales, while a couple have hinted that whales have gambling problems. One prankster compared his whale life to Walter White in Breaking Bad, while several others decided to talk about an underwater mammal rather than the equivalent of Genshin Impact in the very literal sense of the word. Perhaps this is an underestimated aspect of the whale community, one Genshin Impact player admitted that he has little money invested in the game, so they can live on the edge, surviving on minimal conditions.

Although Genshin Impact has a sizable whale community, there are still many dedicated players who earn everything they can, including a ridiculous amount of Morata. Given that several Genshin Impact players have pointed to children with rich parents as whales, there may be some truth in the meme about mom’s credit card.

Genshin Impact is now available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. The switch port is under development.


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