Genshin Impact Was The Most Talked About Game On Twitter In 2021


Genshin Impact: It’s still mid-2021, but we’ve already had several major releases for the main consoles of the generation. Curious to know which headlines dominated Twitter discussions? So you’ll like to know that today (23) the social network itself released data about the presence of video games in posts!

Unsurprisingly, we have several free to play games on the list, but also some of the top franchises on the market. Around the world, these were the top 10 topics that players raised the most in their discussions. Check out:

10) Minecraft
9) Fate/Grand Order
8) Monster Hunter
7) Fortnite
6) Knives Out
5) Animal Crossing
4) Final Fantasy
3) Ensemble Stars!
2) Apex Legends
1) Genshin Impact

In addition, Twitter also revealed which were the most talked about games from E3 2021 on the network:

5) Forza Horizon 5
4) Halo Infinite
3) Battlefield 2042
2) Elden Ring
1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Did all these games also resonate a lot in your bubble? What has been your favorite 2021 release so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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