Genshin Impact: videos of characters in update 1.5 leaked


Adventurers from Genshin Impact will spend some time enjoying the new features of update 1.4, but apparently the next update is already in production – and a proof of this is the leak of two videos that show the characters Eula and Yanfei in action.

According to the description, Yanfei is an advisor, while Eula is known to be an excellent knight. It is also possible to notice that the blows of the first are more based on fire, while those of the second involve ice.

It is worth mentioning that update 1.5 is scheduled to arrive sometime in late April, along with new bosses and many other elements to make the adventure within Genshin Impact even more fun.

Genshin Impact is available in versions for PC, iOS, Android and PlayStation 4.

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