Genshin Impact Video shows the potential of Cyno with the composition of the Aggravate Team


Genshin Impact version 3.0 has already introduced two new additions to the list, Tighnari and Collei, and a third character named Dori is scheduled for the second part of the update. Despite the fact that the update was released just a couple of days ago, the developer of HoYoverse has already confirmed the appearance of three new characters in the next update.

One of these characters is the long-awaited user Electro Cyno, who has been mentioned in numerous rumors over the past couple of months. A new video posted on the popular leak subreddit Genshin Impact shows how well Cino works when he is part of a command staff that relies on launching one of the new spontaneous reactions called Aggravate.

To activate the Aggravation, players first need to trigger another Elementary Reaction called Acceleration by combining Electro and Dendro. Applying the Electro element to a target affected by the Acceleration Aura activates the Aggravation, increasing the damage inflicted by the Electro user. The team in the video includes Cyno, Dendro Traveler, Zhongli and Kazuha. Geo Zhongli and Anemo Kazuhi are considered neutral elements because they cannot interfere with the reactions of other elements. It should be noted that HoYoverse may still make additional changes to the kit of the Cino before its official release.

Cyno Aggregate Testing (Kazuha / Zhongli / Dendro Traveler) by Genshin_Impact_Leaks

It is confirmed that Cyno will become a new DPS character with a shaft weapon, and he will receive his signature weapon in Update 3.1. Recent beta leaks have shown that his potential damage depends on the activation of Aggravation, but he can also be used in different team lineups. The video shows that in order to have decent damage, Cino only needs one Dendro user as part of his team, but the character must have a great Dendro application, such as the new version of the Traveler.

Cyno’s damage also revolves around Elemental Mastery, which is quite unusual for Genshin Impact DPS characters. When it comes to his kit, Qino’s Elemental Explosion allows him to convert his normal, charged, and submerged attacks into electro damage, as well as increase his elemental mastery. Players note that his Elemental Burst can last up to 18 seconds and has a 20-second recovery time. The two-second gap can be used to switch to other characters, such as Zhongli, and arm Qino with a shield.

Like Xiao or Razor, Qino is considered a “selfish DPS”, which means that as soon as he leaves the battlefield, his Elemental Explosion effect will be interrupted. Several responses in the comments section state that players should probably pair Cino with Electro characters like Fishle, who can make sure he doesn’t have trouble recharging energy.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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