Genshin Impact Video Shows the New Dendro Taser Team in Action

Genshin Impact has a unique combat system based on combining various elements to trigger elemental reactions. After an element is applied to a target, it usually lasts 9-13 seconds depending on the skill used.
Currently, six different elements and nine element reactions can be activated in Genshin Impact. With the upcoming addition of a new Dendro element, a number of different element reactions will also appear in the game.
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In addition to the traveler, each character in the game can control only one element, which allows players to create many different Genshin Impact command structures; however, some of them are much stronger than others. One of them, of course, is the famous team of stun guns, which relies on one of the most powerful natural reactions: electric charge. This spontaneous reaction is triggered when Electro is applied to a character that is already affected by Hydro, and vice versa. With the upcoming appearance of a completely new Dendro element, a number of different element reactions will appear in the game. A new leaked Genshin Impact video shows what happens if players implement the Dendro element in the Taser team.
Dendro Taser Team VIA susamongusleaks by Genshin_Impact_Leaks
The team shown in the video consists of four different characters: Tignari, Collie, Fishl and Kokomi. Numerous responses in the comments section claim that the new Dendro element has too many visual effects, making it difficult to track all the reactions of the elements. Due to the fact that the Calley constantly uses the Dendro element, Electro-Charged rarely works, since it seems that both Electro and Hydro interact with the Dendro element first.
Applying Electro directly to a new Dendro element causes a new element reaction called Catalysis, which increases the damage inflicted on the target. Combining the element Hydro Kokomi with the Dendro will cause the flowering seeds to fall to the ground, which interact with three different elements, including Electro. Applying additional electrical damage to flower seeds will damage one target to an enemy hit by the elements.
Numerous fans claim that these three elements have excellent synergy, since they can cause several different reactions of the elements. However, it should be noted that it may be difficult for players to control the order in which the reactions of the elements will be triggered. A couple of comments also pointed out an interesting detail about the new Dendro characters. Even though Colley is a four—star character, she seems to have a much better Dendro app than the upcoming five-star character Tignari.
Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.