Genshin Impact video shows how Zhongli “smears” during the explosion animation


Genshin Impact’s game roster continues to add new characters with almost every new update. The current update 2.7 has added two new characters: the user hydroluk Elan in the first banner and the famous character with the electric tag Cookie Shinobu in the second cycle of banners.

Although the focus of each update is on new characters, players still enjoy using some of the game’s oldest characters, such as the popular Geo user Zhongli. An interesting post on the popular Genshin Impact subreddit shows a funny glitch that includes the fan-favorite Geo Archon.

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Reddit user Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 shared a funny video in which Zhongli smears his fingers during the animation of a spontaneous explosion. Zhongli’s explosion allows him to bring down a falling meteor on the ground, causing Geo-damage at the same time. Each five-star character in the game has a special animation during a spontaneous explosion, which makes each battle more intense. In the video, Zhongli’s model froze on the first part of his animation, which gave the impression that he was doing a smear.

Dubbing Zhongli by Genshin_Impact

Fans liked all the interaction, as the post scored more than 13 thousand votes. Several responses in the comments section say that the only thing that could make the video even better is that Zhongli actually completes the boss domain with his powerful spontaneous explosion. The boss shown in the video is the popular Raiden Shogun, who is one of the few characters who have a boss domain, and he is also part of the game list.

A couple of comments jokingly state that this is probably how Zhongli won the famous War of the Archons. Some fans said that this video is another proof that Zhongli is the best character in the entire list of Genshin Impact characters. In addition to his strength on the battlefield, he is also associated with various failures that can be caused by his elemental skill, which allows him to create a pillar. Along with Raiden Shogun, Zhongli is probably the most flexible character in the game, as he can fit into almost any team line-up.

He has the ability to deal tons of damage with his blast, create a resonating pillar that deals geo-damage, and provide the strongest shield in Genshin Impact. Zhongli’s last appearance on the banner was with Ganyu during the Genshin Impact 2.4 update. Recent beta leaks have only revealed one new five-star character for the 3.0 update, and many credible sources hint that Zhongli may be featured on the second update banner.

Genshin Impact is already available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently in development, the release date has not been confirmed.