Genshin Impact – Version 1.2: new weapons


The MiHoYo title is updated this week with many new features, including playable, with new equipment. This is what awaits us.

Genshin Impact will be updated to version 1.2 this Wednesday, December 23. The successful MiHoYo title, one of the great surprises of the 2020 free to play scene, receives the expansion “The Prince of Limestone and the Dragon” with a few new features, a new character, equipment and weapons. Let’s get to know everything they have revealed through the game’s official website regarding weapons and equipment.

New weapons and equipment in Genshin Impact version 1.2

For starters, new weapons like the Mountain Breaker, a 5-star light sword. “According to legend, this sharp sword, representing the signing of a certain contract, was used to cut the peaks of the mountains.” To get it, you will have to try your luck in the “Enigmatic Whispers” gachapon with a probability above normal. This Mountain Breaker increases the shield protection of the character that equips it and increases attack capacity by up to five stacks when making an attack.

The Poisonous Wish is a “very straight and mysterious” 4-star sword that drips poison capable of corrupting even a dragon, the description says. To get it we will have to complete the legendary mission “Princeps Cretaceus: act I” and the event mission “Poisonous Wish”. When equipping Venomous Wish, Elemental Skill increases damage and CRIT.

The Dragonthorn Spear is a 4-star spear “created from the fang of a dragon.” To obtain it, during the exploration of Sleeping Dragon Valley, we will be able to collect Strange Fangs and, once we complete the world mission “The Poisonous Tooth”, we will obtain the Dragonthorn Spear and we will unlock its forging method.

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