Genshin Impact Trailer Reveals Gameplay for Collei


Since Genshin Impact version 3.0 is due to add the Twilight region to the game this week, HoYoVerse has already revealed a lot of new content that will appear in the update. 3.0 will bring not only a lot of new locations, but also the last element of the game based on the nature of the Dendro. User luca Dendro Tignari will be the first five-star character in the region, as well as one of the first two Dendro element characters in the game. Now a new trailer has demonstrated the gameplay for another Dendro character who arrived with him, Collei.

The newest of a series of demonstration trailers of Genshin Impact characters called “Collie: Sprout in the Thicket” demonstrates the abilities of a Forester. Similar to the five-star shown, Colley is a Dendro Bow user with her Elemental Skill, in which the character throws her bow like a boomerang, dealing damage to the Dendro. The gameplay demo also demonstrates the Elemental Burst of the Collie, throwing his doll named Kallein-Anbar to deal periodic damage to Dendro enemies in a small area.

Colley’s trailer gives a brief glimpse of her role in the Genshin Impact story, hinting at her connections with other characters. It is shown that the Collie is part of a group of Tignari forest rangers patrolling and guarding the dense tropical forests of Sumeru. Colley is also familiar with a character that Genshin Impact fans are familiar with, who was previously friends with Amber and shared the passive talent of “Sliding Champion” with Mondstadt Outrider. Previously, Colley also played an important role in the adaptation of the manga Genshin Impact.

Collie is one of the first Dendro playable characters in Genshin Impact, and the new update brought with it a lot of new game mechanics related to the new element. The Dendro add-on will introduce three new elementary reactions to the Genshin combat system. Sumeru will also feature various puzzles aimed at introducing players to the mechanics of the new element and its interaction with existing elements such as Electro and Hydro. Leaks of the new element have already suggested that the Dendro will be a powerful addition to the team lineups of many players.

In addition to the three new characters added to the game in version 3.0, Genshin Impact has already demonstrated several other Sumeru characters that will appear soon. Many HoYoVerse teasers for the Sumeru region featured characters such as Nilou, Al-Haytham and Nahida, with the latter rumored to be the archon of the new region. Similar to the launch of Inazuma last year, Sumeru will also expand beyond its release update with the next version 3.1, rumored to add the desert region of Sumeru. Collei will be the first opportunity for many players to try out the newest element of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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