Genshin Impact: this is Xiao, the new playable character


We show you the new video published by miHoYo to introduce Xiao, the interesting character we met in Genshin Impact, now available.

Genshin Impact is preparing to receive version 1.3 soon, even though we recently received the full update 1.2. Thanks to her, called “The Prince of Limestone and the Dragon”, we were able to meet new characters like Albedo and enjoy a good handful of novelties in the work of miHoYo. One of the protagonists of the future version 1.3 is Xiao, who we met previously in the history of the game and who we can now see in the form of gachapon to have a chance to add him to our team. Thanks to a new trailer shared by the company, we can unravel the keys that define this character, so we detail them below in addition to remembering that the new update, called “Lights on the horizon”, which will reach both PC and PS4 and PS5 consoles as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

All about Xiao in Genshin Impact

“By honoring his oath as a yaksha, one hopes that our fellow adept now has finally obtained a respite from the grievances that have plagued him for all these millennia,” details the lore around him.

Powers and abilities: anemo (wind). He deals a great deal of damage and moves nimbly across the stage. He can sacrifice health points to temporarily increase his jumping power and damage.
Main weapon: spears.
Age: about 200 years (despite his youthful appearance, as he is a legendary warrior).

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As detailed from miHoYo, he is an interesting and enigmatic character who is part of the Adepti mystics and therefore is not human. The trailer that accompanies this piece and that we have as a novelty is mainly cinematic, so it helps us to understand the origins of it and probably add it to our personal favorite characters list.


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