Genshin Impact: the game will have edits in version 1.3


Developer miHoYo confirmed on Tuesday (29) that the character Zhongli, from Genshin Impact, will gain an additional buff as a balancing adjustment at Gacha. The decision was made for specific adjustments of balance and balancing, problems that have been actively experienced by the community.

According to the developer, the reason for the redesign of Zhongli’s builds was due to several causes reported by users, such as the hero’s weakness in relation to the other supporting characters, the almost exclusive compatibility with other GEO warriors and the loss of constitution of the groups in combat. , even with Zhongli being five stars.

With the Beta upgrade, the character will now have a debuff effect on his special ability Dominus Lapidis, increasing damage to nearby enemies and reducing elemental and physical resistance status by up to 20%. In addition, the studio has already said that new adjustments are to come by the end of February 2021, so it is worth waiting for more news about the balance in the game.


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